Vegan Semifreddo Layer Cake

I am not sure about you guys but I am really starting to feel a bit christmas-sy. To be honest I already did many weeks ago. Whenever it gets just a little colder and darker I feel like escaping into the kitchen to bake cinnamon filled goodies, drink heaps of tea, light all candles in the house and browse unusual artisan Christmas markets I could go to.


I think it’s because I lived in Auckland for so many years where temperatures hardly drop below zero in winter so that whenever it would just get a little colder I immediatley felt the urge to make Christmas truffles and gingerbread biscuits for my friends and flatmates. And it still happens to me now! So when the summer is about to vanish away and gloomy rainy autumn season starts here in Germany I really quickly get into the Christmas mood. So before the real winter starts you will find me in the kitchen baking lots of healthy Christmas treats.


So being November my Christmas feeling has started weeks ago and I have already prepared some really cool Christmas recipes for you including a healthy christmas cookie special, 4 weeks packed with amazing giveawys and a sustainable christmas gift guide and a coupe of DIY’s. Although this semifreddo layer cake is not a classic Christmas treat I really think this would make a fantastic after-Christmas-dinner-dessert. You ask why?


Because you work with easy ingredients, great to prepare in advance and everyone loves a good icrecream layer cake. 100% crowdpleaser. It’s easily a combination of a lot of my favorite flavors.Β It looks decadent but it is so so easy to make, you just need a bit of time as every layer needs a bit of time to freeze.


It consists of 8 layers (prepared in a bread lined loaf tin):

Start by lining a bread loaf tin with baking paper! Don’t skip this step otherwise you won’t be able to get the beauty out of the tin at the end.

First Layer: 1 banana pureed + 1 tbsp peanut butter – mixed together and poured into a lined bread loaf tin. Freeze.

Second Layer: 3 tbsp peanut butter + pinch of vanilla + 1 tbsp maple syrup – mixed together and poured onto the first layer. Freeze.

Third Layer: 3 handful smashed pretzels -crumble on top of second layer.

Fourth Layer: 1/2 cup melted raw chocolate. Pour onto pretzel layer. Freeze.

Now repeating all 4 layers finishing with the melted raw chocolate. Decorate with frozen raspberries and pretzels.


If you are recreating my dishes I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment or tag me on Instagram or Facebook @nic_whensweetbecomeshealthy so I don’t miss it β™₯