Salty Choc Pretzel Bites (vegan)

Salty Choc Pretzl Bites vegan1

I am slowly getting into the mood of Christmas. I know I know, November has just come round the corner but for some reason whenever the temperature drops and the days get shorter I feel the urge to spend lots of time at home, isolate myself and bake up a storm. I can’t stop thinking about what to give everyone for Christmas. Baking for wonderful people and watching them enjoy my goodies is the very best part. This is my motivation while baking and creating – a happy face. Cheesy, right? Cheesy but true. If I could spend my life in the kitchen  creating food gifts and sweet goodies, God knows, I would! So today I felt the urge to create something cute but I hardly had anything at home. It came down to chocolate and pretzels. Unbelievable – I write a blog about healthy food!

Pretzel Bites – makes about 25 of them depending on the size.

  • 200 grams of dark chocolate ( they are usually vegan but check the ingredients)
  • 200 grams of vegan milk chocolate  (I used Rapunzel Rice milk chocolate)
  • 100 grams of vegan white chocolate (I used iChoc white vanilla chocolate)
  • Small bag of salty pretzels (again, most are vegan but check the label)

Melt your favorite chocolate (I picked the dark) in the microwave or with a double boiler – that is going to be the base for your pretzel bite. Take some baking paper and throw it on a try or board. Take a tablespoon and spread a bit of chocolate on the baking paper, try to make it a nice even circle. Place a pretzel on top. Repeat this until you run out of chocolate. At this point I have most likely eaten half of the chocolate straight from the double boiler 🙂 Once the chocolate has hardened melt the milk chocolate and drizzle it on top in a pattern of your liking. Melt the white chocolate and repeat the process by drizzling even more chocolate on top to create a layer effect. For a nice finish sprinkle some sea salt on top. Wouldn’t those be cute for an advent calendar or as stocking fillers?