Reinventing Superfoods & why you should not buy Goji, Chia and Acai

Being a vegan, I would love to live over 100 years – still mentally together and physically fit. When I discovered the concept of superfoods, I was immediately fascinated. Food that would allow me to maximize my ultimate vitamin and nutrient intake by a million more percent really wanted me to buy all possible superfoods under the sun. You can tell I get very easily excited. I stocked my kitchen shelves neatly with a rainbow of superfoods. I was so proud. This was it – the ultimate nutritional food power looking at me. Goji Berries, chia seeds, acai and lucuma powder – you name it. I had them all.


I might have been easily fallen for this superfood thing but I am not stupid. Also, I would consider myself a hippie vegan – meaning: ‘don’t do any harm to your body and the environment’. I am sure most of you are aware that chia does not grow in your neighbor’s garden – if not – happy realization! It grows mostly in Asia or South America. A high carbon foot print, long transportation and pesticides (despite organic certifications) are not common. And this is when my super food went from super to ‘not so super’ anymore. So here is my superfood dilemma: YES to feeding my body the best food possible to live a long and healthy live but clearly NO to pesticides and harming the environment. So what‘s the solution here? And here comes Miss Vegan Smarty Pants: Local Superfoods!

‘Yes, local is great but there are not as beneficial as the South American superfoods.’ Absolute rubbish! Don’t be fooled by marketing claims – I work in marketing I know how that works. I have got some questions for you. Did you know which seed has almost the same nutritional value than chia? Flaxseed. I am not bullshitting you, it’s the good old boring flaxseed. Some argue it’s even better than chia. What’s as great as goji? Rosehip. What’s very similar to acai? Aronia – even blueberry. What’s even better than maca? Celery. I could go on and on… At the bottom of this post I have included 2 links – here you can find a good comparison list of superfoods.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to lecture you guys but I want you to be the informed readers, the ones that don’t get fooled by silly claims. Amazing superfood grows on our country’s soil, they have real organic certifications and don’t take 5 months on a containership to arrive. So how about a flaxseed pudding for a change?