Raw Pineapple Donuts

You guys ready for a healthy summer treat? This is what I call a classic cheat treat – it’s not a real treat in the sense of being overly unhealthy although it looks like a real naughty one. So last week I was getting some pineapples from the market. They are in season now and you get the sweetest pineapples ever.

I have one of those handy pineapple cutters that make these nice pineapple rings cutting out the hard bit in the center. So while chomping on my first pineapple ring I thought to myself – they kind of look like donuts, don’t they?! See, this is how my donut obsession has taken over my life. But I simply loved the idea of a raw pineapple covered in raw chocolate and decorated like a real donut. So I went with it!

Simple, fresh and right in line with the When Sweet Becomes Healthy philosophy. You will literally need 3 ingredients: pineapple slices with the round bit cut out in the middle, raw chocolate and the things you would like to decorate your donuts with like white choc drizzle, raspberries, chopped nuts, banana chips, and all the good things you have in your kitchen.


Raw Pineapple Donuts (makes 6-8 donuts)

  • 1 pineapple sliced and with the center removed
  • 300g of raw chocolate (or any vegan chocolate you love)
  • raspberries, freeze dried strawberries, dragonfruit powder etc.

Prepare the pineapple. If you don’t have a pineapple cutter: cut off the hard outside skin with a knife. Then cut the pineapple into thick slices. Grab an apple corer and cut out the round hard center. Now your pineapple slice with the center cut out should look like a donut. Got it? Perfect! Now melt the chocolate and dip the slices into the melted chocolate, you might need a spoon to evenly coat the slices with chocolate. Transfer to a lined tray and decorate as desired. Once the chocolate has set they are ready to enjoy. In summer they taste best straight from the fridge.

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