Raw Apple Oatmeal Bars

Raw Muesli Bar

Do you find yourself sometimes in front of a store display of raw energy bars asking yourself why they are so expensive? They usually don’t have fancy ingredients and it doen’t seem that they are very difficult to make. Plus all the extra packaging. But I really like them as a take away snack or as a post-workout-treat. So I bought them…until today. Today I can say: my buying power for the store bought bars has gone down to zero.

Two things are essential though. You will need a high quality blender, don’t try a cheap blender – you’ll kill it. The mixture becomes quite chewy and hard to work through. Secondly, (and this is crucial) always blend the nuts first, never the dried fruits. Once you throw in the dried fruits the blender won’t be able to work through the nuts properly. But other than that you can customize your bars according to your taste buds. You like chocolate? Throw in some raw cocoa powder. Need more superfood? Add some dried goji berries.

Raw Apple Oatmeal Bars

  • 85g apple chopped
  • 40g soft dates
  • 100g dried figs
  • ½ cup walnuts
  • handful cashews
  • 30g oats
  • 3 tblsp oatmeal spice (I used Just Spices)
  • 3 tblsp amaranth

Raw Muesli Bar Vegan

Throw the walnuts and cashews into you blender and try to get a fairly smooth texture, if you like it a bit bitey don’t make that extra effort. Add the apples, dates and figs and blend away. Remove the mixture from the blender and transfer it into a clean bowl. Finally, add the oatmeal spice or any other flavor you fancy (cinnamon, cardamom, cocoa) and mix well preferably with a spoon or your hands. I have also thrown in some whole cashews, I just feel this adds that extra rough look to it – especially when cutting the bars. Lastly, add the oats – by now the mix should be sticky and not too wet. Transfer the mixture into a lined bread loaf tin, sprinkle the amaranth on top and press it down evenly (I used a cereal box) so the amaranth presses into the dough. Transfer into the fridge for an hour and cut into desired shapes.