3-Layered Walnut Petite Fours

You are looking at my latest recipe adventure! Healthy chocolate covered walnut petite fours featuring matcha and aronia powder for a really cool layer effect. If you have matcha for breakfast why not have a petite four instead?! The base is sort of similar to marzipan… Read More

Local Superfood Chocolate Bark

To celebrate those wonderful local superfoods I am going to show you how to whip up a healthy chocolate bark featuring local superfoods. A handful of ingredients only and fully customisable to your tastebuds! Dust off that old flaxseed jar and hit the kitchen.… Read More

Raw Apple Oatmeal Bars

Do you find yourself sometimes in front of a store display of raw energy bars asking yourself why they are so expensive? They usually don’t have fancy ingredients and it doen’t seem that they are very difficult to make. Plus… Read More

Raw Superfood Chocolate

I made chocolate! Really, I did! I am so excited about today’s recipe. I cannot believe how easy this was and it took no time at all. Why the heck is everyone buying chocolate these days? No shopping needed –… Read More