Raw Salted Caramel Morsels

Raw salted caramel treats are all over Pinterest lately. One lazy sunday afternoon I needed some relaxing time in the kitchen to let my creativity run wild. I had never imagined that mixing dates, salt, coconut and cashews would make… Read More

Summer Raspberry Chocolates

This is an easy breezy summer chocolate recipe which you will whip up with just a few ingredients including: cocoa butter, ground vanilla, agave syrup and raspberry powder. Raspberry powder is a powder made from real freeze- dried raspberries and… Read More

Raw Donuts with Colored Frostings

If you didn’t know already I went to a wonderful blogger and foodstyling gathering last week organised by nu3. Meeting so many talented people sharing the same passion for good food was so inspriring in itlself. I was in foodstyling heaven, people!… Read More

Pink Raspberry Bars

As you can tell, I am on a raspberry mission. Since I got this raspberry powder made from dryfreezed raspberries I am all over it. The flavor is simply amazing and it astonishes me how versatile this is. I love… Read More