Vegan Real Fruit Gummies

I was super excited when my friend brought in different silicone moulds for me – Star Wars, Teeth, Apples, and batman jut to name a few. They were actually ice cube moulds but I thought they were perfect for my… Read More

Coconut Rainbow Popsicles

Since my friends from nu3 have provided me with a big jar of their amazing creamed coconut I have been using this magical stuff for so many of my recipes.  It gave the my Rocky Road the right kind of… Read More

Coconut Marble Balls

Some weeks ago I got in contact with the amazing people from Just Blends in Australia. They make something which I found very unique and couldn’t find anywhere else. You have probably heard of dragon fruits before, and maybe you… Read More

Raw Cherry Bombs

Last weekend I went to see my grandparents at their amazing farm. Even tho there is literally nothing to do, this place puts a magical spell on me. It calms me down, creates space for new ideas in my head… Read More