Giveaway Week 4\\ Original Beans Chocolate


Guys, week #4 of giveaways features by far the best prize pack ever! Yess, it’s chocolate week! I am so fortunate to be able to give away 2 of these amazing chocolate packs by Original Beans. Each pack is filled with the rarest and most delicious chocolates from all over the world plus a bag of cocoa nibs. Oh my….where do I start to rave about this crazy good chocolates? As you know, chocolate is not chocolate. Original Beans makes the kind of chocolate where you savor every bit of it. It’s needless to say that they make the finest chocolate I have ever tasted. Every chocolate bar has a very distinct flavor representing the area/country of origin ranging from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and East Congo.

But the mission of Original Beans doesn’t stop by making amazing chocolate. Since 2008, Original Beans has combined its passion for chocolate making and conservation, raising the bar in both areas. The Original Beans Team travels into the most remote rainforests in the world – in pursuit of the rarest cacao beans – to bring foodies, environmentally conscious consumers and leading chefs pure, additive-free chocolate.

Thanks to their continuous reforestation efforts, as well as their energy-efficient production, green logistics and 100% bio-compostable packaging, Original Beans chocolates are CO²-positive within their own supply chain. This means that with every bar of Original Beans chocolate you enjoy, you offset the environmental impact of your consumption – and change the world’s climate for the better.

So what that means is that they plant a tree for every chocolate bar you buy. So by choosing to buy a chocolate from the Congo region you vote for the region to receive a tree planted by Original Beans. To date, they have planted and preserved over 1,000,000 trees in all cacao origins. I don’t know about you guys but thats the part I really love. Making the world a better place through chocolate – that’s my kind of mantra!

So if you would like win one of the amazing Original Beans giveaway prize packs:

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Even if you don’t win make sure to visit Original Beans website and find out where you can get your sustainable chocolate fix!