Almost Raw Peanut Chocolate Donuts with Coconut Rasberry Topping

My latest sweet food obsession are donuts, yes! I just love to look at colourful varaitions on IG. I honestly wouldn’t indulge in a donut very often cause I am trying to keep away from foods which are dipped in a whole bucket of oil. But when I made my colourful rainbow raw donuts I really fell in love and everyone else seemed to love them as well! So this is the next level of donut obsession. Tastewise I don’t think it can get any better than this. Peanut butter and raw chocolate combination is always a winner – full stopp.


I honestly didn’t  believe it would work as a raw treat but I was so wrong. The donut is soft and the chocolate cracks when you bite into it. Topped with fresh coconut whipped cream and raspberries this is one amazing explosion of textures and flavors. Since these donuts are very satisfying and filling (I can never eat more than 2!) I usually prepare either a smaller batch or make mini donuts as for this recipe.


So for these donuts I took the artisan approach: I bought raw peanuts, roasted them in the oven, deshelled them, grinding them up to make beautiful peanut butter. But you can happily take the easy route by choosing a nice organic peanut butter here.


I didn’t even use a donut pan, I simply cut out circles with 2 seized cookie cutters –  no need for an extra baking tin! To make coconut cream follow the simple instructions from this recipe. You could sweeten it the coconut cream but I felt it was the right balance of peanut butter, chocolate, fruit and cream! But whatever floats your boat here!


Almost raw peanut butter donuts (makes approx. 10 small donuts)

  • 5 cups roasted peanuts (salted)
  • 30 soft dates (pitted)
  • 5 tbsp vanilla essence
  • 5 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 tsp vanilla (ground)
  • 1/2 cup of Ombar raw chocolate drops

Pre-soak the unpitted dates in warm water for 30 minutes. Make the peanut butter by roasting the peanuts in the oven for 10-15 minutes (make sure they don’t burn by checking every 5 minutes!). Let them cool and rub the peanuts witha tea towel and the shell will come off very easily. Don’t worry if there is the odd peanut that still has a shell around it. Now throw them into your high speed blender/food processor adding the vanilla essence and the maple syrup.  Now add the soaked soft dates to the mixture and blend well. Add a little salt if you prefer your peanut butter a little salty.  Now form little patties with your hands, place them on a board and cut out the donut hole with a tiny round cookie cutter. I even used a the other end of a piping nozzle once – works perfectly fine. Transfer the donuts into the freezer for at least 3 hours or overnight. Now melt your raw Ombar chocolate in the oven at not more than 40 degrees in a heat proof dish. Dip the donuts into the chocolate and decorate with coconut whipped cream and fresh raspberries.



If you are recreating my dishes I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment or tag me on Instagram or Facebook @nic_whensweetbecomeshealthy so I don’t miss it ♥