agava by karin lang – organic agave syrups

agava organic syrup product review 1

There has been quite some skepticism when it comes to agave syrups and I have also red my fair share of articles about how it is not actually not great for you. In general, I try to use as less sugar as possible. We all know, date puree does a fine job! Compared to industry sugars syrups still contain minerals and nutritious byproducts. The reason I am really loving those organic syrups: they do not only add sweet but also amazing flavor through the added fruit concentrate. And let’s be clear here: As a plant eater I love everything that adds wonderful taste to dishes. You have to give this one a try, it’s crazy good!

Agava has a selection of organic syrups. They are either fruity or chocolatey. You can choose from: cranberry, pomegranate, caramel, lime, chocolate, cherry, raspberry, even peppermint. It’s an amazing addition to my food staples – I used it for coffee, cake, to mix with my coconut yoghurt, even on fresh bread. I can’t wait to experiment further with the agava products! Check them out here: