Unicorn Bread

How about some color for a change? For today’s recipe I veganised a kid’s birthday cake which my parents always called ‘parrot cake’. Parents would make this colorful sponge cake for birthday parties to please the kid’s hunger for colorful… Read More

Fruity Cheesecake Bites

Ah, so good to be back! The last week I have been struggling with WordPress so I literally couldn’t upload anything at all. These cheesecake bites were actually a try to brighten up ya’ll’s Valentines Day! Oh well! Maybe it… Read More

Raw Vegan TimTam’s

Oh sweet old memories! This recipe is so overdue! It reminds me of good old kiwi times, baking for my amazing flatmates, celebrating parties and hosting dinners like there is no tomorrow. I am always getting quite emotional about this… Read More