Rainbow Lemon Tartelettes

The rainbow unicorn trend wave is still going strong in the WSBH kitchen and these tropical rainbow tartelettes are no exception! I whipped these up as a healthy weekend treat – you know how much I love my weekend sweets!… Read More

Cookies & Cream Slice

Just returned from my holiday in Taiwan, I am already missing all the amazing dishes (and the huge amounts of garlic!) the local cuisine had to offer. So while munching my way through Taiwan’s cuisine, you can imagine that I… Read More

Peanut Butter Fluff Bars

Since everyone really seemed to love my creamy Peanut Butter Hemp Bars I thought I would make another slightly easier version of it but still using the same fluffy coconut peanut butter filling (hence the name of these bars) which… Read More

DIY Cocoa Pops

Hi there friends! This is the first time I am sharing a breakfast recipe with you on WSBH. This is a super easy and fun way to enjoy your raw fruit and nut bar as a cereal for breakfast. It… Read More

Mango Raspberry Cream Bars

So here it comes: the third recipe of my Chocolate Bar frenzy featuring this Mango and Raspberry Cream bar! This bar differs from the creamy peanut butter and dragonfruit hemp bars as it’s super fruity. The mango creates such a… Read More

Unicorn Bread

How about some color for a change? For today’s recipe I veganised a kid’s birthday cake which my parents always called ‘parrot cake’. Parents would make this colorful sponge cake for birthday parties to please the kid’s hunger for colorful… Read More